Donal Whelan

Donal "The Ears" Whelan is our senior engineer at Hafod Mastering.

With 25 years of experience under his belt he has spent the last fifteen of them dedicated to building the best mastering studio in Wales and in the process has become a key player in the Welsh musical landscape.

Through the wonders of the Internet he has also built up a reputation in the Indian film/music industry in Mumbai, mastering soundtracks to a number of blockbuster Bollywood hits.

Rate: £75 per track or per hour


"Donal mastered my album 'Ideas and Oh Dears' recently and did an incredible job. Now I have a cohesive gem of an album instead of merely a collection of songs. If you're wondering whether or not to master your project go get Donal to do it."

Kid Carpet. Tired and Lonesome Recordings, England

"Been listening to the album. Brilliant job. Very pleased with it. "

Matthew Scott. Virtual Variants, Wales

"Both CDs excellent; Sweet Assassin is instantly stunning and able to inform my judgement on Vapour Trail, also stunning but a much more complex record and therefore required thinking about. Bear in mind that these albums are like children to me, and "

DB Smith. NSC Records, England

"It sounds bloody AMAZING guys… thank you so much… "

Eddi Reader. Reveal Records

"Cheers, Donal - you did a really great job with the album. I don't think we would have got the radio airplay without the album being mastered to such a high standard - please feel free to use this as a recommendation to prospective future clients! "

Andy Smith. The Weary Band, England

"That’s AWESOME dude!!! Thank you so much! "

Sarah. 7th Circle